Tips for making Creative Wedding Table Numbers

Who doesn’t want their wedding to be great and unique to others? I guess it’s a human tendency to have and want things which should be unique and perfect. I bet every single soul on this mother earth wish for a wedding which is different and memorable.

Now to make your wedding unique, you should have a creative approach to every element that is involved in the ceremony. Most of us generally don’t bother much about numbering our wedding tables. Well, in that case I will suggest some creative ideas, which you can use in numbering your wedding tables. I am sure this will be an add on to your idea of a unique and creative wedding.

Creative ideas for Numbering Wedding Tables
• Well, you can use pictures of different countries or places where you both have visited for numbering the table. This can be creative and also something new for your guests. You can add romance to this, by using pictures of the two of you in the various locations,
they can depict various stages of your relationship.

• You can also number the tables by keeping different types of flowers on a vase. Example, one table should have vase full of roses whereas another with daffodils. Getting a wide variety of flowers in different colors is the key. It is best for an informal reception, where you want it to be as colorful as possible.

• If you both are from same town or locality, then you can use pictures of that place for numbering the table. A good idea is to take pictures of table number from the various restaurants, coffee houses, bars and clubs around your town and use the pictures as your table numbers.

• You can use stones for numbering if it is an outdoor wedding. Just spray paint the numbers on the stone and keep them in the center of the table. This idea goes well with an wedding which has an earthy or nature as theme. Smooth stones are the best so you should opt for pebbles.

• Another creative way of numbering tables is using different author names or books, if both of you are book lovers or veracious reader. It can be anything related to things which you both like to do. Just be sure that the guests get the clear name of the author who will be inspiring them for the function. Add romance to this by choosing some great love poets/writers.

Tips to remember

• Make sure the table names are clearly displayed so that there is no confusion with the guests.

• Also keep in mind that your guest lists are properly labeled.
As you can see, all you need is to base the table numbering on something that holds meaning for you as a couple and is uniquely you. This way the wedding reception will feel extra special with nuggets of your life together lying around all over the place.

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