Tips to Choose the Best Wedding Cake

Wedding cake is an essential element of any wedding. So to choose a perfect and best wedding cake can be a bit tricky. With times there are various, size, style and flavors of cake which you get in market. So today choosing a perfect cake can be time consuming.

Different Ways to Choose a Wedding Cake

Now there are certain ways to choose a perfect cake for your wedding. A number of factors that determine the choosing process are:

Time and venue of the wedding

: The place and the time of your wedding is an important thing for choosing a cake. An ice-cream cake or a mousse will definitely not be a good idea for summer. They will more applicable and suitable for winter seson. So better to consult with your baker about the cake that suits the season you are getting married.

Style and Size of the Wedding Cake

: A wedding cake can be of different size, shapes and style. Size generally depends upon number og guests you plan to invite for the wedding. Style and shape can be your both personal choice. Sometime it depends upon your wedding theme too. Cake bases can be of different types like sponge, fluffy or pound cake. For icing you can have various types like flat, fudge, royal, foam and fondant.

Choosing a Flavor

r: Well choosing a flavor can be either your personal choice or can be according to the cake style and size. If it has multiple tires then you can make each level with different flavors or type keeping everyone‘s taste in mind.


: Some people decorate their cake according to their wedding theme whereas some like to make it special and unique. Decorating your wedding cake is totally depends on your creativity and imagination. You can also take suggestions from your family members and close friends.

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