Tips to choose the perfect Wedding Bridal Veil

Usually there are two kinds of brides, one that gives more importance to hairstyle and the other who focus on their wedding veil. Whatever the situation is, wedding veil is a must and a very important thing for you wedding. So you have to remember certain things while choosing the right one for you.

Things to be kept in mind

Face Shape

: First and foremost you should know your face shape and style that suits to your face type. It’s a very important factor in choosing a right veil. Example round face should always go for a style which make their face look slimmer and longer. Square face people should choose something that gives them a softer and longer look etc

Body Shape

: You should also know and consider your body type while choosing a veil. If you are healthy or have a big bust and stomach then go for a long veil. It helps your upper body to look elongated. A pear shape body should go for a veil till shoulder or waist. This helps to emphasize your smaller points and not the width of the hip.


: Your wedding hairstyle is very important in choosing the right veil. It determines the kind of veil that will be suited for you and your bridal look. Now for a multi tier veil or a long veil needs a bun whereas if you want to leave your hair or keep it all down then a light weight veil will be perfect. So your hairstyle is also an essential part in choosing your wedding veil.


: Wedding veil has to be the same color of that your gown. While choosing your veil color you can check out They offer some 15 color shades, so I am quiet sure that you can get your color too.


: Now your veil can be one, two or multiple tier. It generally depends on your wedding gown. If you want a sophisticated look then you can go for a single tier whereas a two tier veil will complement a romantic look gown. If you are planning for a classic design then multiple tires is a perfect choice.

Your wedding dress

: You should choose a veil that goes and complements your gown. Choose something that has the same quality and design of your gown.

Length and width

: Last but not the least you should consider the length and width of your veil. Check out both the things before you do a purchase and try out them so that you get an idea that what length and width you will be comfortable with.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great tips in choosing wedding veils. Hope to see more wedding tips and ideas here.

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