Tips to choose the Perfect Attire for Beach Wedding

If you are a guest and invited in a beach wedding, what would you have worn? I know it’s a tricky question. Choosing attire for a beach wedding is a little bit confusing and difficult. Going in a formal dress where others are in casuals will be awkward; where at the same time going in your casual shorts or spaghetti straps when others are in formal will be something really weird.So to save yourself from this type of embarrassment, I have some suggestions that you can follow for the next invite.

What to wear in a Beach Wedding?

First and foremost don’t think that it’s in beach so u can be in your swimwear. It’s a wedding and a formal affair so think about something which is elegant and the same time has a casual and beach look. I know it is tricky but not that difficult too. While shopping for a beach wedding dress, keep in mind the season and the temperature at that particular time of the year. Would it be winter with a cool temperature or a sunny afternoon in the summer? Fabric and material of your dress will also depend upon the weather. You would go for cotton or line in summer, while wool will be perfect for winter.

Now for your footwear you have to keep in mind that you have to walk on the sand. Anything formal or closed shoes won’t be appropriate. Even high-heeled footwear will be uncomfortable. Flats and strappy sandals are perfect for the occasion. They will be comfortable and easy for walking on the sand

What Women can wear?

  • A halter dress with pretty floral and bright designs is an appropriate casual attire for afternoon wedding
  • Spaghetti strapped dress with vibrant colors is another great option. It should be casual and light weight.
  • Little black dresses can be worn in an evening affair. They are appropriate formal and semi-formal attires.

What Men can wear?

  • Traditional black suit along with a tie is a perfect for an evening affair
  • Polo shirts, cotton pants are another option
  • One can also wear yellow shirt with a gold tie. This combination makes great beach wedding attire for men

Things to Avoid

  • Never opt for a jeans
  • Wear fabrics and material which is comfortable in that particular weather
  • Avoid wearing revealing clothes
  • Women should not go for colors like white and off-white

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