How to Choose Garden Wedding Favors?

It is a wedding custom that bride and groom appreciate their guests by little wedding favors after the party is over. Now today you can think of many ideas for making your wedding favor unique and creative. But people usually start wondering what to give as favor if they are having a garden theme. Well then let me tell you some unique Green Wedding Favors and also how to choose them.

Tips to choose Garden Wedding Favors

  • First and foremost always plan out your budget. How much you will be able to spend on garden favors or green favors. This makes the process easy. S o before shopping or choosing wedding favors decide what will be your budget.
  • Next thing would be, do a little bit of research. Things like organic coffee, tea, candles made of bees wax or soy and trees seedlings are a great match for your garden theme. You can also gift a small planted basil plant or money plant with a note of thanks.
  • You can also gift them small gardening books with gardening guides. This is just a fantastic wedding favor for a garden wedding.
  • Another great idea would be a small treadmill. A handmade treadmill looks really cute favor item and also an unique one. You can ask the maker to write your name and wedding date in the center of the windmill or may be a thanking note.
  • Flower seeds are also a good favor idea. You can pack these flower seeds in small red color pouch or bag and tag them with a thanking note.

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