Tips to Choose the Right Indian Wedding Favors?

In India wedding is a very important affair. They are usually very grand and exotic. Indians love to spend lavishly on weddings and treat their guests with utmost care. When it comes to wedding favors, they usher their guests with different expensive items. It can be of different types, now if you want to do something different and want to plan out for Indian wedding favors for your guests, then these are some of the factors that you should remember. They are:

  • Indians are religious people. So it would be best if one give something that has to do with their religious beliefs. Like a silver coin engraved with different religious icons. It will be a blessing for the guests.
  • Don’t go for cheap or inexpensive things. Select expensive and exotic gifts as Indians think wedding as the most auspicious and important celebrations and one should not think about expenses during this type of sacred event.
  • Choose things made out of copper, brass, ceramics and wood to show your gratitude and respect to all who came and attended the ceremony.
  • Indians are usually very practical people. So give wedding favors that are practical and can be well uses by your guests. Like small wooden boxes, wall hangings, flower vases etc will be more relevant and also make your guest delighted.
  • Sandalwood products are very popular with Indians, so gifts item made from sandalwood is a great idea for an Indian-themed wedding. You can gift your guests with sandalwood scented candles. Show pieces made of sandalwood and many more.

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