Eco Friendly Wedding Favors

Eco friendly or green weddings are becoming a hot favorite with many people. It’s a good and a very popular theme now days. You can also choose this unique and environment friendly theme throughout by going green from your wedding invitations to wedding favors. Now you may have lot of ideas for other stuff, but you must be thinking that what can you give to your guests as favors if you plan out a eco friendly wedding.

Well don’t worry as I have some six items which you can use as your eco friendly wedding favor. So let’s find out what they are?

Beeswax Candles

: It is one of my personal favorite and believe me your guests will just cherish this as a wedding favor. It is good idea to thank your guests for their presence. Beeswax candles do not cost much. You can get them for as less as $ 1.50.
If you wish you can personalize them by adding a thanking note made out of recycle paper.

Natural and Herbal soaps

: Next item that you can surely use for making your guests happy is natural and herbal soaps. They are trendy and at the same time natural. Just go online and can order the ones you like to present your guests. You can order soaps made of olive oil, rose, butter, honey and many more. Put a thank you tag around the soap bar made out of recycle paper to add a personal touch to it.

Organic Chocolate

: If you wan to gift something edible to your guest then organic chocolate is a good option. These chocolates are made out of organic milk. They comes in several flavors like dark chocolates and many more. To personalize them you can wrap them on your own gift wraps or bags made out of recycle paper and add a small thanking note or tag on it.

Spices and Herbs

: is also a very trendy and good option for a eco friendly wedding favor. You can gift your guest a small pouch, box or a basket of different organic spices or herbs. They smell good and also can be presented in decorative packages. Like you can gift cinnamon sticks packed in a cylindrical glass or plastic box decorated with ribbons and add a thank you tag around the box.

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