How to Choose Beach Wedding Favors?

It is usually a lot of fun to plan for a beach wedding. When it comes to wedding plans one of the important thing that you should plan is the wedding favor. Now the big question is what items can be a good match to your beach theme. Well I have some of them which you can use or get more ideas related to them.

Ideas for Beach Wedding Favors

  • One thing that I feel is a great idea to match up with your theme is a small bag with sunscreen lotion or cream, lip balm, pumice stone and many more.
  • Glass wear decorated with dolphins, palm trees, sea shells or star fish can also be a great idea for a good beach wedding favor.
  • Hand soap which has different shapes of dolphins, star fish etc can be also given as a good beach wedding favor. You can attach a thank you note around the soap to add a personal touch to it.
  • Key chains and book marks made out of shells would also make a good memento for your beach wedding
  • If you are having a Hawaiian beach wedding then you can give your guest a box of coffee paired up with a good coffee mug made out of sea shells or other features like dolphins, starfish etc.
  • You can also say thanks to your guest by gifting them decorative items like wall hangings, photo frames and many more, which are made out of sea shells and other features like dolphins, star fish etc

Beach wedding favors are usually simple and beautiful. There is lot of things that you can choose from. Just remember to choose an item that compliments your wedding theme and let your guest to take a part of your wedding to their home.

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