How to choose Unusual Wedding Cakes?

Every one wants their wedding to be unique and different from others. Now to make it unique some goes out of their way and also out of their budget. Well being unique does not always mean spending more money; it’s about your thought and your creativity. So be creative and have an out of the world wedding party.

Many of you usually get confused when it comes to decide about a wedding cake for a unique wedding theme. Well don’t panic, because there are lots of ideas that you can incorporate and make your wedding a success.

Unusual cake ideas

Now if you don’t like to stick to the traditional thee-tired white wedding cake, then you can go for other desserts that give a unique look and taste.


: is a great a replacement of a traditional white cake. It will not only give your wedding a different taste but also a different taste. You can always design it in unique shapes like football, guitar etc


: is another great option to replace the traditional wedding cake. It is not only unique, but something unusual for a wedding. A pie can be eaten just like a wedding cake. The only problem with a pie is that it can’t be decorated much like a wedding cake.


: Is a good option if you want something different for your guests to taste. Now you can incorporate other items with fruits to make them look and taste great. Like strawberries coated with chocolate, apple with caramel and many more.

Pastry Tree

: Is a good way to serve your guests a variety of flavors. It is usually known as pastry towers, and offer assortments of desserts and pastries. This helps the guest to taste a little bit of everything.

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