How to Plan for a Hawaiian Theme Wedding?

Hawaii is not only a favorite holiday destination, but also a hot spot for wedding. With the growing time,Hawaiian theme wedding has become a very popular idea. Now it’s not always necessary,that you should be there in Hawaii to plan out a hawaiian wedding theme. Well then let me suggests you certain things, with which you can plan a grand hawaiian wedding even in your backyard.

Things to Follow

  • There are different themes of hawaiian weddinr, from casual to formal. Now it can be romantic, fun, glitzy or a formal hawaiian theme. It’s you who have to decide. Try to choose a theme that suits your personality the most.
  • Now your Hawaiian wedding invitation depends totally on the theme. So before sending out an invite, decide upon a theme. NOw if you choose romantic hawaii, then you can send out bands made out of hawaiian leis with message tagged in it.
  • Next is the decorations. decide which flowers will be appropriate for the theme. Most popular one would be Hawaiian leis. YOu can also use other flowers like roses, orchids, hibiscus and lillies.
  • You can also plan out hawaiian music.Just try to get hold of some soothing hawaiian piece, which will be approprite for the theme.A hula dance at the reception can also be a great add up to the mood.
  • If you are planning for a fun hawaiian wedding then you can make your bridesmaids wear hula skirts paired up with bikini tops.
  • Try to serve your guests the hawaiian test. You can paln Hawaiian food for the wedding.
  • Any kind of beach wedding favors can be a good idea for hawaiian wedding. But a CD with hawaiian music or hula music would be the approprite one to let your guest take a part of hawaii to their homes.

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