Tips to choose Green Wedding Invitation

A wedding invitation is usually the first impression that you give your guest about your wedding ceremony. It is through which you inform them about the date, the venue ,the dress code and also the menu. Now if you are planning a green wedding or an eco-friendly wedding, then these are the best invitation options that you can cosider.

Tips to choose Green Wedding Invitation

  • The best way to go green and send a eco-friendly wedding invitation is to use online methods.To give your invitation an unique look, you can put up an website on your wedding.
  • You can also go fora wedding blog, where you can write about the your wedding theme, the venue, how to get there and also a little bit about the place where you are getting married.
  • If you are oting for paper made invitations, then go for handmade papers made out of bamboo hemp, cotton etc.Today handmade papers are more elegant and popular for cards and invites.
  • Try to use inks made out of vegetables and soya.
  • Don’t go for cards and invites made out of plastic sheets or coating, as they are very difficlut to recycle.

WEll, green wedding cards or eco-freindly cards may not be that traditional, but i am sure that your guest will appreciate your care for the environment. So all the best and get going!

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