How to choose the right Honeymoon Travel Agent for a perfect Honeymoon?

A honeymoon travel agent is same like a wedding planner. As you need a good wedding planner for a perfect wedding, same way a good honeymoon travel agent can only help you out in planning a perfect honeymoon. But you should keep ceratin factors on your mind while choosing a good honeymoon travel agent.

Tips to choose the best Honeymoon Travel Agent

  • First and foremost ask yourself, why you need a travel agent? Well. though it should be other way round that why shouldn’t i use one. Sometimes booking trips online turns out to be scary. So to avoid that choosea good travel agent who can answer all your doubts and make all the bookings and changes on bahalf of you. You can also consult with your agent about the the best destinations, fares and resorts.
  • The best way to get hold of a good travel agent is to ask your relatives and friends. This makes it more creditable and you can also get to know about the experience that they had in their trip.
  • A good honeymoon travel agent usually helps you to save money by providing you special fares, resort or hotel discounts etc, which are usually not advertised publically.
  • After you get an agent or a company, find out if they specialize on honeymoon travels. Also check their experience in the concerned business. Check out if the travel agency has a CTC (Certified Travel Counselor) certification , which depicts that the agency has an experience of at least 5 years with an approprite knowledge and education on travel.

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