How to Choose a Good Bridal Handbag?

For a woman, her wedding day is the most special day in her life. In this special day she wants to not only look beautiful but out of the world. Now to achieve this, staying all the time in the make up room is not practical. So the best idea is to carry her essential things like lipstick, mirror, tissues, eyeliners,mouth freshner and hair brush with her. And what can be a better idea than carrying a small handbag or purse. Bridal handbags are both practical and stylish at the same time.

Tips to choose a Good Bridal Purse

Go for a handbag that goes well with your look and personality. Usually wedding purses should be small, handy and easy to carry. Something that can accomodate all the essential things that you need. It should not attract to much attention, but add an extra touch of elegance to your dress.Your handbag should have the similar design and meterial that of your wedding dress. Example if your wedding dress is made out of slik and have flowers as its design, then try to find ou a purse which is also made out of silk and have flowers on it.

Today, bridal bags come in different style, sizes and pattern. It upto you to decide, that wht you are comfortable with and what goes well with your wedding dress. There are usually 3 distinct types of bridal handbags.Let me give you a small glimpse on each of them.

Clutch bags

: Bridal clutches are typically made out of silk or satin. They don’t have any kind of straps and comes in differnt sizes.

Drawstring Purse

: This particualr type of purse usually made out of the same material of the weding dress. They are either carried on the shoulder or with bouquet.

Fancy Bridal Handbags

: These are generally made for party purposes and usiually designed with stones, beads, brystals etc. It also comes with fashinoble handles, clamps and metal chains to have an easy hold.

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