Different Creative Ways to Propose for Marriage

We women usually like to have things which are unique and different from others, be it a wedding or a a wedding proposal. Especially when it comes to wedding proposals, women want their man to be extremely creative and think out of the box. So, all you men out there, let me help you out with some creative ideas that will surely make your sweetheart melt in your arms.

Tips to propose

Sensual Women:If your woman is a sensual kind of a person, then you can take her to spa one day and pamper her with massages, facials and a great candle night dinner at the end of the day. During the dinner gift her a box full of lotions, creams,aromas, body oils with the ring box placed at the center.

Sporty women: If your woman is a sport lover or a sporty person, then take her one day to some baseball matches. There you can propose her by flashing your propsal message on the big scoreboard or the scren. This won’t cost you more than $30. Bet you, this will make your girl go gaga over you and also be the most memorable moment for both of you.

Curious and adventerous women: If your woman is curious in nature, then the best way to propose her is to plan a treasure hunt. This will make her curious in every step and at the end happy and overwhelmed as well. If the lady love is more into adventurous, then you can opt for some adventurous
sports for proposing her. Sports like, sky diving and para gliding is a best way to propse your girl.

Movie lover: If your woman is big time movie buff, then take her for a movie. You can request the theatre employees to show your message on the screen during the interval. It will not only make your woman surpised but will also feel special and loved.

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