Tips to plan out a Good Bachelorette Party

If your friend is ready to tie the knot, then it’s the time for you to plan and throw a grand bachelorette party for her. Be it a day at spa or an evening with all the girl friends, the bride will surely appreciate this special day.

  • First and foremost, decide the date of the party. Before finalizing the date, you should check out with the bride about her convenient date.
  • But make it sure, that you don’t involve or consult the bride about the party plans except the date of the party. It should be a good surprise for the bride from her freinds.
  • Plan out the theme of the party according to the bride’s personality and things that she likes.
  • Before executing the party, plan out the budget of the party, estimate how much money will be spend on food, drinks,decorations and cab rides if its palnned outside home or the city.
  • Arrange non-alcoholic drinks for people who do not want to drink alcohol.You should also arrange taxis and drivers for those who will consume alcohol in the party.
  • Try to plan the party a little ahead of the wedding day, as many people won’t be interested to attend it as the wedding day will be near. So plan the party on the right day and also make it exciting for the guests whom you have invited.
  • You should not stick with the ideas of alcohol and male strippers,instead you should think out of the box and make the party unique and creative.

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