Top 10 Wedding Etiquette

If you want your wedding to be a pleasurable event, then do make it point to follow some of the basic wedding etiquette.


  • Never as k for gifts and cash: It’s a big no for asking any kind of wedding gifts or cash. One should never ask or mention in the invitation about gifts. Leave it with the guests, if they like to gift you something or not.
  • Never ask money to your guests for food and drinks: Don’t ever keep any kind of cash bars in your wedding or reception party. If you can’t afford to arrange alcoholic drinks, then its better you don’t keep it.
  • Never compare your wedding with other’s wedding, instead try to focus on your wedding and try to make it a pleasurable moment for your guests.
  • Never forget to include your fiancé in the planning. You both should have an equal involvement in the wedding preparations.
  • Never open or use your wedding gifts before the wedding, as it may happen that you need to return it due to some unavoidable reasons
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  • Always put return postage on the invitations’ envelops.
  • Try to follow up with the guests, who have not responded about their being in the wedding.
  • Do show respect and appreciation to your bridal party for their support and commitment to help you out with the wedding and its planning.
  • Greet all your guests. If there are lot of guests, it may not be possible for you to talk to everyone, but make sure you stop at each table and have a word with the guests.
  • Do make it a point to say thank you to all your guests for being a part of your wedding. Also make sure to give favors to all your guests as a token of appreciation.

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