Wedding speech etiquette

You must have attended a number of weddings and have been a part of many wedding speeches. But how many do you remember? Yes, if you want your wedding speech to be extraordinary and memorable, then try to inculcate wedding speech etiquette.

Top 10 rules for wedding speech etiquette

  • Don’t crack jokes that has racial or ethnic implication
  • If you are being toasted, then don’t raise your glass or start drinking, till the toast is over and your guests start drinking
  • Avoid using slang and irreverent language
  • Never mention about previous marriages in the wedding speech
  • Don’t try to mention or give instances on any type of future /past lovemaking among the couple
  • If you want to toast, then don’t make a noise with a spoon and glass, but quietly stand up and hold your glass and wait for silence
  • Make sure you stand up and deliver your speech
  • Try to avoid mentioning any kind of sad topics like recent deaths in the family
  • Don’t get drunk before giving your speech
  • Don’t chew toffees or gums while giving your speech, either keep your hands in the pocket or move your hands as you give the speech.

If you got these 10 rules of wedding speech etiquette right in the place, then don’t worry, you have done your job. Just be confident and deliver your speech in style.

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