What should you wear to a Winter Wedding?

Winter weddings are generally beautiful, be it is held inside or outdoors. If you have been invited for such a wedding and highly confused about what to wear? Then don’t worry and just follow these certain tips to dress for winter weddings.

Tips to follow

  • Before banging your head for what to wear, find out if the invitation mentions about the dress code. This makes your job easy. Now if the wedding is black tie, then it makes your job easier. For men it is tuxedos whereas for women full-length evening gowns.
  • Next thing that can help you in choosing your dress is the wedding venue. Find out where is the wedding taking place, If it is in a church, hotel ball room or outside in a garden or a lawn. For an outdoor winter wedding, you should dress up with some warm fabrics whereas for an indoor wedding you can go for some lighter fabric and styles.
  • Choose a color that goes with the mood and the season. Don’t wear white as it is the color for the bride. If the wedding is in the daytime, then don’t wear black. You should not choose colors like yellow, orange as they are summary colors. Try to pick wintry colors like deep plum, burgundy, forest green etc.
  • You should give you hair a half up-half down style for a winter wedding. This will help you to keep your hair from falling on your face.

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