How to choose good Winter Wedding Favors?

Winter is a perfect time to plan your wedding. Just like other season’s wedding, you need to plan out every important detail that goes in to a wedding planning.

Wedding Favor is one of the important thing, which you should not forget weather it’s a summer or winter wedding. It is one of the essential things that go in your planning to make the celebration a success.

Tips to select good winter wedding favors

  • Always try to keep your winter wedding theme in your mind. Buy things that compliment and suit your theme well. Example if you have silver or blue color as your theme, then try to gift something related to it.
  • You can also decide for holiday themed favors, as there is lot of holidays during the winter season. If your wedding is around thanks giving or Christmas, then you can give your guests favors related to these holidays.
  • Winter weddings are the best time to gift your guests with, warm and tasty drinks. You can gift them a small bag of teas, cappuccinos, coffee, hot chocolate and many more.
  • You can also give seasonal edibles as winter wedding favors. Cutout cookies, Christmas candies and pumpkin pies are great option for winter favors. People would overjoy if you gift them with box of Christmas candies.
  • Usually guests love to take personalized favors back with them. This makes a good piece of memory. You can always personalize your favors with your names and wedding dates on them.

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