How to select a perfect Winter Wedding Cake?

Winter is a great time to plan your wedding, especially because it’s the holiday season and you feel a certain romance in the air. Honeymoons are a great idea during winters, as most of the countries in the world will celebrate Christmas and New Year.

Planning a winter wedding will definitely include winter wedding cake. So, let me give you some options and ideas for a perfect winter wedding cake.

  • Christmas come to our mind, whenever we think about winters. So, why don’t you decorate your wedding cake with Christmas symbols like snowflakes, mistletoe, candles, pie tree, stars, bells and many more But don’ over do the decoration , as it may look more like a Christmas cake.
  • One of the best ideas for a winter wedding cake is to decorate it with colors like ice blue, silver and white. You can also decorate it with ribbons and flowers to give it a more romantic touch.
  • You can also give your wedding cake a shape of different winter characters like polar bear, penguin, reindeer or birds. You can also use these cute animal characters to decorate your wedding cake.
  • If you are planning to have a round cake with several layers, then you can always decorate it with snowballs, bells, snowflakes etc. Another good idea is to create a cake that looks like a stack of gift boxes. Red ribbons design is an usual design that enhances its look.
  • If you don’t want to experiment with new ideas, then you can always stick to a traditional winter wedding cakes decorated with red, white, silver and green colors.

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