How to plan a Perfect Outdoor Winter Wedding Reception?

Winters are always a special time to plan out your wedding. May be the weather is cool but it’s more peaceful and romantic. A winter reception can be organized both outdoor as well as indoor.Now, the big question is how to plan a good outdoor winter wedding? Well relax and follow these simple tips for making you outdoor winter wedding a success.


Outdoor wedding in winter can be a lot of fun. All you need to do is to be well-prepared.

  • The first thing that goes in an outdoor winter wedding is renting a tent, according to the location. Flooring can be an add on to your reception idea, as it will keep your guests and friends comfortable throughout the reception. Many of the tents come with extra heaters too.
  • Next is the decoration. Try to go with the mood and theme of your party. Example, If you have an intimate look and feel then go dim lights, whereas if you are planning for a winter wonderland, then go bright lights. You can always use wintry decoration and ice sculpture to give your wedding reception an elegant look.
  • After decoration, it’s the food. You should keep food items that are hot and keep your guests warm an cozy. You can serve them hot beverages like soup, hot chocolate and much more. Try to include meat and eggs in your wedding menu, as these items will keep your guests hot and warm from inside.

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