Tips to select the perfect Winter Wedding Colors

One of the essential parts of a winter wedding decoration is choosing the right colors. You should always go for those colors, which enhance and go well with your winter wedding theme, as well as with the season.

How to select Winter Wedding colors for your winter wedding?

  • When you are choosing colors for winter wedding think about colors that gives a warm look and feel. Colors like orange, yellow, red, dark purples maroons etc.
  • You can also go for various metal colors like silver, gold copper etc. They look stunning and give a rich contrast with the warm color backgrounds.
  • Try to use some cool colors like forest greens or navy blue, they are a good contrast for a warm background. Especially if you are using a metallic orange or crimson red, these cool shades hold certain richness in the winter color scheme.
  • Choose colors according to the venue and time of the wedding . If it’s a formal affair then don’t go darker shades of warm colors. You can use shads like golden yellows, violets or dark pinks.
  • You can always consult an interior decorator, friend or wedding planners for suggesting colors that goes well in the decoration of a winter wedding. Another great way to search for ideas is to surf through different website or home improvement magazines.
  • If you are including lights in your decoration, then try to match them up according to the colors that you have decided.

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