How to choose Winter Wedding Invitations?

Wedding invitation is one of the basic and most important thing that goes in a wedding plannning. Be it a summer wedding or a winter wedding, one need to plan a good wedding invitation, which reflects the mood or theme of your wedding.

Ideas for winter wedding invitations

  • Winter is usually full of holidays. So, it’s a great idea to add little bit of festivity essence to your winter wedding invitations. You can always use christmas colors like red and green in your invitations. But if you do not want your winter wedding card to loook like a christmas one,
    then try to go for one color and match it up with shades like silver, gold and chocolate brown. You can also choose metallic colors like, copper, gold, silver etc and pair them up with any of your favorite colors like crimson red, electric blue, pink erc.
  • You can aslo incorporate the idea of winter wonderland idea on your wedding card. All you need is to use shades that are non traditional holiday colors like silver, icey blue etc. Now, winter wedding invitations can also have a modern touch. You can add graphical elements to it like large polka dots etc.
  • White is the traditional color for any kind of wedding, be it a summer or a winter wedding. Especially white goes really well with the winter weddings, as it represents snow.
  • You should always use two envelops to keep your invitation safe, as during winters there is a chance of your invitation getting spoiled due to contact of rain and snow.

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