Tips to plan out a winter wonderland wedding theme

It ‘s winter time and you have decided your wedding date, but you are confused about a wedding theme. Well, choosing a wedding theme during winter is not that tricky. You can always think and plan for a winter wonderland theme. All you need to do is just follow some basic things while plannin for a winter wonderland theme.

  • First, imagine a winter wonderland and then decide the color scheme and decoration that you want to have for it. You can choose colors like white, icey blue, silver etc. By using metallic blue and dark blue, you can create a nostalgic essence . You can also go for various metallic colors and winter decorations to give your winter wonderland theme a chic and modern look.
  • Try to use more of winter decorations to give your winter wonderland theme a stunning look. You can use decorations like snowflakes, ice skates, ice sculpture, snowmen , hats, scarfs etc to give it a more realistic look.
  • Use centerpieces related to the environment and mood. You can use sleigh, sleds,winter globes , flowers etc.
  • Make sure your wedding favors goes well with your winter wonderland theme. Let your guests take fond memories of your wedding reception through the favors that has a touch of winter wonderland theme.


  • Make sure you have the kiss (keep it simple and sweet) factor in your wedding theme.
  • Do not try to over do it with evry possiple decotaive items, that are avilable. Try to keep it very simple yet very elegant.

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