How to plan your Winter Honeymoon?

Many couples choose to have a winter honeymoon, as they are romantic and beautiful. So, if you are planning one then let me give you some tips, which will be a help to you while planning your winter wedding.


  • First thing that goes in the planning, is deciding the location. You and your partner together should decide about the place where you want to go for your winter honeymoon. While choosing a location you should always consider both of your likes and dislikes. Example, if you both are fond of winter sports and activities, then you can choose a place that provides you with all these.
  • Consult a good travel agent and find out about offers and discounts on winter bookings. Try to get hold of different holiday brochures and catalogues. You can always ask your friends or families, who have already gone through the process for planning a winter vacation.
  • Cost is a major factor while planning out a honeymoon. Make sure that you have planned a budget before you start planning out the trip. This will help you to stick within the budget and will help you to avoid over spending.
  • Whatever the final choice, you need to also plan out the whole trip, journey, itinerary etc. Planning for an itinerary is quiet simple, all you need to do is to inform your travel agent about your preferences and likings. They will take care of the rest.

Be it a spring honeymoon or a winter honeymoon, it’s a celebration of your togetherness. So take some time to plan your honeymoon, as you did it for your wedding.

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  1. plz send me the gud tips for honeymoon first night.

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