Tips to make Winter Wedding Favors

Usually winters are not preferable for weddings, but still there are many people who choose to have their wedding during winter. They think winters are beautiful, stunning and absolutely romantic for a wedding. Now, when you are planning for a winter wedding, make sure to incorporate winter in your wedding plans. One of the great way to winterise your wedding is to thank your guests with winter-themed favors. So let’s find out some of the easy ways to make and give a wintry touch to your winter wedding favors.

How to make your winter wedding favors?

  • You can always opt for some different chocolates and candy, instead of usual ones. Make them at your home and add a splash of snow-white treat into them, which will make your guests remember your wedding and also the favor. During winters you can also go for milk chocolates and candies, which can be wrapped in a white or silver pouch or box with a white ribbon tied to it. It not only winterise your wedding favor, but also a great way to give your guests a part of your wedding which they can take back home with them.
  • You can always gift your guests tree ornaments, if your wedding is around Christmas. They are not only unique but also relevant favors, as everyone will celebrate Christmas and decorate Christmas tree. It will cost you less, if you buy tree ornaments in a bulk.
  • Another great idea for your winter wedding favors is CDs of holiday music. You can always burn and decorate CDs of your favorite holiday songs, which you can gift your guests as your wedding favor. They are not only unique but also a great choice for winter season, when holidays are around.

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