Christams themed Winter Wedding Bouquets

Usually people like to plan their winter weddings around Christmas, as people are more cheerful during this time. The holidays are usually a great time to celebrate a special occasion like wedding, especially a Christmas wedding which can be a joyful event and celebration. Usually it has been noticed that most of the winter weddings are planned according to Christmas weddings.

Well, when you are planning a Christmas wedding, make sure that you incorporate Christmas in your wedding plans. From your wedding decoration to bridal bouquet, you must incorporate a touch of Christmas in them.

How to plan out a Christmas Bridal Bouquet?

You need to consider certain factors, while choosing a Christmas bouquet. Before planning a bouquet, you must find out with your florist about the availability of flowers that you want to use for the bouquet. You should also consider the venue decoration, while choosing a Christmas bouquet.

Next, that plays an important role in choosing a Christmas bouquet is the colors. Usually red and green are the perfect Christmas colors. A bridal bouquet with red roses are a classic yet elegant Christmas bridal bouquet that you can opt for a chapel wedding. Instead of red you can slo use maroon or rich burgundy colors, which will give a more sophisticated look.

Along with flowers you also incorporate Christmas greenery in your bridal bouquet, to give it a more Christmas look. Try to choose proper seasonal greenery like, pine cones, fir leaves, Winter fruits and hypericum berries.

You can also add some sparkling touch to your Christmas bridal bouquet. Silver and gold are very holiday and Christmas colors. So, it will really bring out the Christmas essence, if you add some small silver and gold jewellery in the bouquet.

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