20th Wedding Anniversary Ideas Gifts

Anniversary is a time when you celebrate your togetherness. If you are a couple who has been married for 20 years and want to celebrate it through gifts with each other, then let me help you out with some good ideas which you can surely incorporate while choosing gifts for your beloved.

Ideas for 20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Now, wedding anniversary gifts differs from year to year. Your 20th anniversary gift will definitely not be the same as the 15th one. So, let’s find out some good ideas for your 20th wedding anniversary.

Traditional 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas

China is a great traditional gift idea, that you can incorporate in your 20th wedding anniversary gift. Some of the China items that you can opt for are:

China crockery

is a very popular gift for your wife on your 20th anniversary. Your wife will definitely appreciate the gift of a china crockery set. You can gift her a set of china plates, bowls, spoons and other crockery items.

China show pieces

is another pleasant way to show your beloved, that how much you love her or his company. You can always opt for a beautiful piece of china art or showpiece that you have come across. They make a nice 20th wedding anniversary gift.

China vase

is another popular anniversary gift idea. An exclusive china vase with lilly flowers will surely win your wife’s heart on your 20th wedding anniversary.

Contemporary 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Platinum goes really well when it comes to 20th wedding anniversary. Some of the gift ideas which are related to platinum are:

Platinum rings

: are the best way to celebrate your 20 years of togetherness. What else can be the best occasion rather than your 20th anniversary to exchange platinum wedding rings with each other.


: You can also opt for other platinum jewellery like pendent, cuff-links, chain, tie-pins etc to gift your partners on the 20th anniversary.

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