Wedding Destination – Hawaii!!!

Wedding at Hawaii is like getting married in paradise. Hawaii is the perfect destination to plan for a romantic wedding. It has been one of the most famous and popular wedding destinations in the world. There is something enchanting about Hawaii. The tropical beaches and flowers, the lovely green mountains, rushing waterfalls or even an inactive volcano, everything is simply magical. If you want to kick-start with your most exciting ride of your life, then you can consider starting it with a spirited ‘aloha’ in Hawaii style.

Exciting Hawaii destinations:

Hawaii has been an exciting backdrop for millions of wedding. Hawaii is the biggest island which offers a lot of cultural settings. The weather is just amazing. Hawaii is a mix of all climatic zones. Be it sun, snow topped mountains, or just rain, you can find them all. Our world has 13 climatic zones and amusingly hawaii experiences 11 climatic zones! A wedding at Hawaii can never be forgotten. To have that memorable lovely wedding, you can consider having a picture perfect wedding at the following places


Home to Honolulu, Oahu is the place where all the action takes places. If you want things to move at a faster pace then this can be the right destination for you. It has a breath taking timeless beauty and the perfect spot to pamper yourslef with the modern luxuries of today easily available there. Not only for wedding, but it can also be an amazing honeymoon destination. You can throughly indulge in the urban comforts to natural wonders. This place is the icing on the cake.


This can be your perfect wedding destination if you are into cultural experiences. This place is least effected by businesses so you can still find it in it’s natural state. Molokai has breath taking natural beauty, amazing desert beaches and beautiful rain forest. If you are not into glitz and glamour, then this is the perfect place for you.


Of all the islands Maui is considered to be the most romantic place. Maui is a magical tropical playground which can’t be found else where. Maui can be everything or more than what you have imagined. This palm-shaped island has amazing powdery beaches and is famous for the lush forests. It has world-famous enclaves and world-class resorts. The beauty of maui is that it has a unique spirit. Even after you leave it, you can still feel it’s presence. It can just get onto you.


This sparkling sand beach destination is sweetly nicknamed as the Green Isle. Kauai is the perfect wedding destination if you like the luscious greenery. And the best part about this place is that it has a beautiful picture-perfect beauty. If you are more like the outdoor kind, then Kauai is the right wedding destination for you.

The Best Time to go: There is not really a bad time to go to Hawaii, there are times when it is better than others. It is probably ideal to plan for a summer wedding as the temperature can be slightly warmer. Being one of the largest rain forests in the world, it’s common to have rains often. It is advisable for you to plan your wedding on the southwestern part because the rain usually hits the northeastern parts of the island. This will help you to have a nice, clam and warm place to have a wedding.

Wedding at Hawaii can be made as simple as you can, or it could be made complex. You can go for the traditional indoor wedding or a lovely outdoor wedding on a beach or a garden area. Be it for anything Hawaii is the most amazing wedding destination to have a gala rosy wedding. Just go to Hawaii and say “Aloha”!!!

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