Winter Wedding Destinations

For many, having a winter wedding is a dream. Winter wedding are just magical and picture perfect, provided you are totally in for having the most special moment of your life in the coldest month of the year! The best part of a winter wedding destination is that you get to choose what type of winter you want. Just in case if you are wondering, you can go for a adventurous ski down on a snow mountain at a lovely ski resort, or you can also enjoy a picture perfect sand beach wedding. The beauty of having a winter wedding is that you can choose a typical traditional snow destination, or can opt for warmer places.

Winter Weddings in America

If you would like to have a fancy winter wedding in the United States, there are a plenty of beautiful destinations that have lovely snow and ski resorts with amazing lodges. The wonderful part is that most of these places have fantastic wedding packages, and ensure that the most dreaded thing – Snow will be made sure that it is there on your The Day! After the wedding your guests can enjoy skiing, tubing, ice skating or snowboarding. It’s not only fun to have a winter wedding but also super romantic. If you considering to have a winter wedding in America, then you can consider having a fabulous wedding at the following places :

New England:

During the months of January and February the snow fall is the most, thus making New England the most desirable destination for a lovely winter wedding. If you want a fairytale wedding then New England would be the right choice. The most sought for locations are the Waitsfield Vermont or the North Conway in New Hampshire are a couple of places among other perfect locations. New England is a great location to have a rosy winter wedding. The snowy conditions are well appreciated. In New England, Victorian themes are popular for winter weddings.


Imagine having a sparkling winter wedding on a gorgeous mountain filled with snow in a beautiful Inn or a resort. The beauty of Colorado is that most of the locations are a getaway with breath taking views. A winter wedding at Colorado is totally memorable and the best part is you get to take amazing and lovely pictures. It can be a beautiful destination to have a gala celebration with snowy landscape as the back ground.

Lake Tahoe:

Winter weddings at Lake Tahoe can be quite unique. At any time of the year, Lake Tahoe can be a beautiful location for a splendid wedding. But, it’s especially wonderful for having a winter wedding. There are a lot of indoor venues available, where in you can have a spectacular wedding. If you want to get married amidst the natural beauty then you can always opt for a private estate on the mountain which is quite breathtaking. With snow covered tress and dramatic clouds as a back drop, you are sure to have spectacular wedding pictures.

Apart from these locations you can also opt for Adirondacks of New York, California and Utah. But if you more of the adventurous type, then you can plan on having unique weddings in Europe, Canada or even at Sweden which have beautiful Ice Hotels where in you can have a rosy winter wedding. And if you are planning a winter wedding don’t forget to commemorate your wedding by favouring your guests with snowflake bottle openers, Hot coca packs or any pretty crystal items. We are sure these will be well appreciated by your guests and your day will remain memorable.

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