Maid Of Honor- Duties

Well, technically The Maid of Honor is the right-hand woman who stands by the bride through out the entire wedding planning process. A maid of honour serves as the bride’s confidant and depending on the needs of the bride, the role of the maid of honour could be to accompany her for the vendor meetings, helping her to make other planning decisions. The beauty of being a maid of honour is being able to give undivided attention, and being emotionally supportive to the bride. It’s hard for a bride to choose one special person who would stand by her side, so the fact that she chose you shows how much she trusts you. So to live upto her expectations, you are expected to fulfill couple of duties. Here are a list of duties that you should keep in mind.

The Famous Maid of Honor Duties :

For most of the brides, planning a wedding is often wrecked with stress as planning for a wedding usually deal with sensitive issues especially with regards to money, family and ofcourse the tradition. As a maid of honor it would be nice if you could let the bride know that you will be there for her an help her out with everything you can. It could be anything from deciding what type of food, or flowers to order, or just making calls and sending invite. Just be as helpful as you can. Apart from these your main duties are

  • Help the bride in picking out wedding dresses, and while going for shopping, giving your honest opinion about the dress.
  • Keep the bridesmaid’s informed about the the pre-wedding parties or about any other thing. Just coordinate with them.
  • Plan, host and set up a bachelorette party and you can take the help of the brides maid.
  • The most important thing while the bride is walking down the aisle is to ensure that her veil and train are looking proper.
  • During the wedding ceremony, you should keep the groom’s ring until the rings are exchanged.
  • Attend rehearsals and rehearsal dinner.
  • On the wedding day, help the bride get dressed.
  • During the ceremony, hold the brides bouquet.
  • Help address the invitations.
  • Help the bride in selecting the bridesmaid dresses.
  • At the rehearsal dinner, or at the wedding reception, if possible, toast for the bride and groom.
  • If needed sign the marriage license.
  • During the reception, help where it is needed and make sure the bride eats and drinks something.
  • Dance with the best man.
  • Help out in wrapping and tagging guest favours.
  • Send bridal shower invitations.
  • Take RSVP’s for the invitations.
  • Help decorate the reception venue or another location, if necessary.
  • Usually you are supposed to pay for your own wedding attire and this includes dress, jewellery and shoes.
  • Last but not the least, when it’s time for shopping and fitting, call all the bridesmaid’s

These very simple and sweet duties of a maid of honor will help the bride to have a very memorable, stress-free and super special wedding day. So just be there for her in every possible way you can.

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