Top 5 Bridesmaids Gifting Ideas

Bridesmaid are the one special lot who would do anything to keep the bride happy. And not just that, they support her in every possible way. As the clock keeps ticking for the most precious and special day of the bride, she sure can rely on her bridesmaid to make sure things are going smoothly. Be it helping her to get things organised, or throwing her a bachelorette party, or assisting her for selecting a lovely wardrobe or for a very simple fact that the bridesmaids are always close at hand to help the bride. The bridesmaids serves much bigger purpose than just giving the photographer pretty faces to film. For all that the bridesmaids do, they deserve being pampered a lil. So if you want make the-pillar-of-support (bridesmaid) feel special, then you can consider gifting them the following gifts.

Goodies for the Bridesmaid:

There are a wide range of things that you can consider gifting your brides made, read on to know more



      Well, it’s pretty much obvious that most women like accessorising themselves. Every bridesmaid likes to accessorise herself. So a classic bridesmaid gift can be gifting her something that she can wear on the wedding day and also be able to use it later on. Accessories are a plenty and choosing one thing can be quite confusing. Depending on your budget you can choose you gift , be it a pretty shawl, gloves, earrings or a pretty bracelet or a tote bag your options are huge. If you are planning to go that extra mile and spend lavishly, then you can consider buying them custom made jewellery or even a beautiful swarovski crystal will be appreciated.


      Theme wedding gifts:

      If you are having a destination wedding, it would be amazing if you can gift your bridesmaid goodies relating to that particular destination. If its a beach wedding, you can gift a super nice beach bag or a beach towel. You can also give them a gift certificate so that they could enjoy fun activities during their stay. The best gift that you can possible give is a goodie bag with loads of locally available things. This will help them remember and cherish their trip.



      The best way to make someone special is by gifting them, and what better way to make them feel all the more special by personalising it? There are a lot of personalised gifts available over the internet. But if you want to go out of your way and make a special gift for them, you can consider making a cute personalised photo album, personalised CD of tunes that the two of you like, lovely homemade candles, bath salts or a very pretty scrapbook of your wonderful friendship together. You can just let your imagination go wild, and make things for them.


      Pamper them royally!

      Pamper your bridesmaid to the core by gifting them a basket full of bath salts, sweet scented soaps, lotions, bath oils and other such goodies to pamper them. You can also treat them to a nice spa, give them an expensive make-up kit or a sexy bath robe. You can also be generous and sign them up for classes that they have always wanted to but never really did, it sure shall be well appreciated.


      .The Usual stuff:

      If you don’t have the time to pick up something extra special, then you can always bank on the general stuff easily available. We are sure all that wedding planning makes them hungry, so buy them a nice box of chocolates, or an amazing bottle of wine along with beautiful wine glasses,. You can also give them a gift certificate to an amazing local restaurant or if they are interested in cooking you can probably sign them up for cooking classes.

The bridesmaid will have their hands full right till the very last minute. Without them organising a wedding may not be that easy. It would mean the world to them when you gift them elegant and super memorable bridesmaids gifts. So go the extra mile and make them feel like the most important people around.

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