How to Choose Jewelry for your Wedding Day

Wedding without jewelry is just going to be bland. They are almost natural pairings. Although all eyes will be glued on the beautiful and charming wedding ring, your other bridal jewelry will also make a round. You can opt for the right kind of jewelry depending on the cut of your dress and the style of your hair style and of course personal preference comes first. The jewelry worn on your big day should compliment your over-all look.

Tips on Choosing your Wedding Jewelry:

Choosing the stones and coordinating them is the key to have a nice ensemble. While you are deciding your wedding jewelry, consider the following.

  1. It’s been a tradition in the U.S. That the engagement ring should consist atleast one diamond in it. Unfortunately, budget is something that might put some constrain on your choice. So, like the traditional way, if you plan on a diamond, decide upon your budget and then decide upon the weight and carat of the diamond. You’ll also have to decide about the cut and the color.
  2. Like hey say ‘Old is Gold’. If you have any family jewelry, think about how to use them to complete your bridal look. Instead of buying new jewelry, this might serve your purpose. You could also use them for some sentimental value too.
  3. Always select a necklace that would compliment the cut of your dress. For instance, if you are wearing a strapless bodice, a pearl or rhinestone choker can do wonders. On the other hand, for a V neckline a diamond solitaire can totally make you look stunning.
  4. If your dress has sequins or crystals zirconia or diamonds can go well. If it is beaded, pearls can totally compliment the look. The trick to selecting jewelry is to coordinate the gemstones in your dress with your jewelry.
  5. Instead of long plain gloves consider wearing a tennis bracelet. Compliment your bare wrist by sporting a pearl cuff or rhinestone. Uniformity is what you need to keep in mind. Ensure that you wear similar metals so that they won’t clash your jewelry.
  6. Depending on your hairstyle choose the kind of earrings you want. A nice earring with a drop will look amazing with up swept hair, on the other hand simple studs can add the perfect tinge to that super dramatic necklace or a tiara or a veil.

While selecting your wedding jewelry, imagine your over-all look and then zero-in on the jewelry. It is also advisable to try out your wedding attire much before hand so that any last minute changes can be made.

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