Top 5 Wedding Gifts for the Groom

In many cultures it’s a custom that the bride has to give a gift to the groom before the wedding. Not just that, today a bride gifting her groom is just a form of expression of love. As a bride, gifting is the perfect way to express your feelings and thoughts for the groom. Any gift you give will be appreciated, but if you can go that extra mile and bring that one special item that he’s always wanted, things might just be super blissful. Your gift should have a personal significance and should be something that will be cherished for years to come. If you haven’t still planned on buying anything, here are 5 gifts that you can consider buying.

  1. A Super Sexy, Fancy and Classic Watch:

  2. Well, the odds are he just spent ridiculously on the engagement ring, and it would be a nice return of the favour by helping him start collecting his very own jewellery collection. There are the every-day watches and there are a few for that special occasion. If your groom is like every other guy, then he would like a sports-type watch. Gift him a nice and elegant thinner watch that he can wear at your wedding and while you are dining out during your honeymoon.

  3. The Uber-Cool Apple iPhone:

  4. Most men are gizmo freaks and to quench that geekish techie thirst in him give him a super cool Apple iPhone which is a cellphone, PDA, an organizer, a calculator and other things. If your man is the thinking type, then this can be the perfect thinking man’s e-device. And with the new Apple iPhone 4 , he just can’t keep his hands and eyes off this sleek thing. So, if you are planning on giving him this super chic gift, then all you have to make sure is that your contact number tops his contact list.

  5. Digital Camcorder or a Camera:

  6. This might not be the typical groom’s gift, but its great for capturing those very special and super-sweet precious moments. You can opt for a high-end camcorder like the Canon Vixia digital camcorder or you can also opt for buying a super cool Olympus camera. If photography is his thing, he might just love it.

  7. Cufflinks:

  8. Men look adorable when they suit it up. Give your man the masculine and classy look by gifting him amazing looking cufflinks. You can surprise him with classic shaped fine gold cufflinks that he would always treasure. If your man is not the gold type of person, then you can always opt for sterling sliver or even black stainless steel. Either way, any cufflink would look awesome on him. Try to get him something that suits his wedding attire. He’ll totally appreciate it.

  9. Random Gifts:

  10. If you are quite confused as to what to gift the groom, then you can always opt for some random stuff like picking up a theme and putting all the related stuff in a goody bag. If he is into basketball, buy his favorite team shirt, water bottle, sneakers and other things relating to the team. He’ll just love it.

Apart from these, you can always buy other things like a leather wallet, or send him for a nice poker night getaway along with his boys. If he is into fishing, you can gift him a nice fishing gear. Every groom is original. Gift according to his interest and he will cherish you even long after your wedding.

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