Wedding Etiquette

A wedding is the most precious, beautiful and special occasion for a couple. A wedding is not just about the bride and groom but also their families and friends. Each and every person involved in the wedding has a definite role and every wedding ceremony has something very basic called – Etiquette. Starting from the couple, to the bridesmaid, groom’s men, their families and as well as the guests, each one of them needs to follow some basic wedding etiquette. If you want to match up to the contemporary cultural norms, then here are a few commonly used wedding etiquette tips that you can consider following.

Wedding Etiquette for the family and the blessed couple:

Well, most of the modern couples would not usually follow the typical traditional wedding etiquette, but however there are a few who would abide by it. Nowadays, most of the wedding expenses are equally borne by the couple, either with or without any financial help from their parents. There are certain norms about who pays for the expenses incurred in the wedding. In general, it’s the bride’s side that has to take care of the groom’s wedding ring, provide accommodation for the guests, the invitations, ceremony costs, arrangement and accessories for the bridesmaid and other stuff. And on the other hand, the groom takes up the responsibility of buying a wedding ring for the bride and a wedding band, bridal gift, honeymoon bookings, marriage license, accommodation and gifts for the groom’s men, the corsage, and other costs relating to the rehearsal dinner and the travel and lodging expenses. Before planning a wedding, decide beforehand who is going to pay for what. This will help to have a hassle-free wedding.

Wedding Etiquette for the Bridesmaid, Groom’s men and for the Maid of honour and Best Man:

For the bride and the groom, the Maid of Honour and best man play a very important role during the wedding. Be it for planning or arranging the wedding, they have a role to play at each and every wedding ceremony. If you are a maid of honour or a best man, firstly remember that it’s a very responsible role. The maid of honour is involved in the wedding planning as well as in the pre-wedding activities. Be it invitations, bridal shower, decorations, helping the bride get dressed up and look all pretty, or just to carry the groom’s ring while walking down the aisle, the maid of honour has to do it all. The best man has a couple of responsibilities too. He has to take care of the arrangements of the groom’s men, and of course carry the ring. And, the bridesmaid and groom’s men are expected to help during and before the wedding as and when required.

Wedding Etiquette for the darling guests:

Well, weddings are special occasions and when someone invites you to be part of their special occasion it’s important that you respond to the invitation and confirm if you will be able to attend the wedding or not. Just in case, if the invitation happens to mention other things like, if you can tag a date along or something, then you can perfectly feel free to take your date along. But if it doesn’t mention anything, it’s advisable not to take a date. Make sure to pick up a gift for the couple, and while at the wedding personally go and congratulate the couple. While leaving the wedding venue, it would be appreciated if you could go and tell the couple and their family about how wonderful it was, and how glad you are to be part of this precious occasion.

Wedding Etiquette with regards to Invitations, Return Gifts and Thank-you notes:

Plan on sending the wedding invitation much ahead of the wedding date and avoid inviting the guests over the mail or phone. It would be convenient for the guests to comprehend things if you could mention all the essential wedding details in the invitation. If there is a dress code, please do mention it in the invitation card in order to avoid embarrassment. And your duty not just ends with sending the invitation, if someone does not respond to your invitation, make sure to contact over the phone and find out. While it’s important to invite someone, it’s equally important to appreciate someone for coming to your special occasion. So, please make sure to give thank-you notes and also be kind by giving out wedding favors. It’s advisable to maintain a uniform return gift so that nobody feels left out. Showing gratitude to the guests for sparing sometime out to attend the most auspicious occasion of your life will be quite appreciated.

Wedding etiquette is easy and following them makes the wedding more memorable, not just for the couple but also for their families, guests and the very important maid of honour, best man and the pretty bridesmaids and groom’s men.

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