Top 5 Bridal Party Gifts

Bridal Party is a fun, elegant and whimsical way for the brides-to-be, family and friends to celebrate the most precious and upcoming nuptials. The gifts that you give at the bridal party can be quite important for the new couple as they might start their life together with the essential gifts that they get. So it’s wise to choose gifts that can come in handy to the new-couple to be. Well, on the contrary bridal parties are held in the honor of the bride, and it’s a fun excuse to catch up with all your friends. And gifts for these occasions can often get naughty. So you can decide on giving something that can be both fun as well as useful. Here are a few interesting hot picks that you can consider purchasing.

Super 5 Hot picks:


.Bath Essentials:

Every bride would just love to indulge in herself and what better way to make her feel special than by gifting her a sexy relaxing bath kit? While the wedding planner is breathing down her neck, all that the pretty lil thing needs is a nice, relaxing, soothing and luxurious bath. Give her a goody bath essential pack that contains sweet scenting aromatic candles, essential bathing oils, bubble bath liquid, loofah, a pretty bath robe and if possible add a CD that has a very nice and soothing songs. She will love it!

Assorted Basket :

If you are confused, then you can always opt for the pandora’s box! Make your own gift collection basket and give it. You can go by a theme, or put some random stuff and gift. For example, you can include a nice box of chocolates, amazing wine or a champagne bottle, personalised items like photo frames, bracelets, tote bags or anything else. Just let your imagination go wild and depending on your budget buy things. It would always feel nice to get a lot of things.

.Under the sheets- Lingerie:

Every bride would want to heat it up in the confines of her bedroom. If you two of you share a good rapport and would not mind lingerie as a gift then you can go ahead and gift it. There are a wide range and types of lingerie available in the market, choose what is best for her and pick it up.

Home Accessories:

Well, this can be a safe best because you can be sure that the new couple would like to set up their new home. Pick up any arty stuff, or any nice technology. There are a lot of things to opt from, from a nice wall painting to a beautiful center piece, options are a plenty. If any of the items are there in the brides registry, you can also consider buying it.

Honeymoon sweet takes:

You can also give sweet personalised honeymoon gifts. Like luggage tags, honeymoon sandals, or honeymoon apparels. They are cute and very appealing. The best part is, it would make the couple very special. You can shop for the personalised ones over the internet.

Any gift given will be well appreciated, so don’t just bang your head nor put on your thinking caps, bridal party gifts are very easy to pick. If you like any of the above list you can totally feel free to go pick one up.

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  1. As the eternal bridesmaid (# of bridesmaid dresses that I’ll be wearing this season = 3), I think that any honeymoon-related gifts are a great bridal party gift. For wedding #2 that I’m in next month, the bride created her wish list on, and was smart to include EVERYTHING she needed for her honeymoon (including swimwear) on her registry. I liked that about…how she was able to register for bathing suits, suntan lotion, and luggage from different stores and it all showed up on one registry. Made life easy for me. Anyway, all of the bridesmaids collectively purchased every last essential item that she needs for her honeymoon. Her soon-to-be husband can thank us later…afterall, happy wife=happy life :)

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