Bridal Shower Games

Bridal showers are like fests, they are thrown to celebrate love and commitment shared by the friends and family of the bride. Bridal shower planning comes with a lil responsibility. What’s more fun than organizing bridal shower games? There are a lot of fun bridal shower games that one can organize. Be it a nice ice breaker or a blind folded game, there are a wide range of bridal shower games. The beauty of these games is that, they are easy to organize, easy to play and most importantly, it’s super fun. If you are throwing a bridal shower, you can consider oraganizing a few classic bridal shower games like the ones listed below.

The Ice Breaking Bridal Shower Games:

Here are a few games that you can consider organizing.

Paper Divas:

For this game you will require a bunch of toilet papers and pins. Depending on the number of people divide them into groups of 4 or 5 or even more. The object of the game is to create a dress with the toilet paper. One member from each group can become the model. Give a reasonable amount of time, say about 20-30 minutes to complete the task. At the end, the group that has come up with a nice and decent outfit wins the prize.

Scoop them up:

This is a fun and kiddish game. The fun quotient of this game is the ‘blindfold’. Basically, in this game all you need to do is spread a bunch of cotton balls, or any other tiny balls all over the floor. To make it all the more interesting, the person who is playing the game has to wear gloves. Now, the object of the game is to scoop the balls into a tablespoon, or a soup spoon and put them in a bowl, all this while the person is blind folded. It can be super fun.

Passing the Parcel- err bouquet or corsage:

This can be a super fun game because this game involves every member who has come for the party. Make all the members sit in a circle, while the music is being played the bouquet has to be passed from one person to the other, once the music stops the person holding the bouquet is out. This can go on till just one person is left and she gets to be the winner. This game can be made interesting, each time a person gets out she has to be given a task to do, like doing the hippo-walk or reading the alphabets from Z-A. You just allow your imagination to go wild.

Bridal showers are all about fun and bonding, if your guests are traditional or super modern, these simple fun games are sure to be enjoyed by all.

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