Top 3 Cowboy Wedding Decoration Ideas

Weddings as such are super fun and you can just about imagine how much more fun it could be when coupled with a theme. Speaking about themes, cowboy weddings are something that can be super classic. The spotlight being on the cowboy wedding decorations, you might find it a lil confusing to select the decor. If you start thinking about it, your brain could explode with ideas. But, don’t you worry, here are a few simple and interesting cowboy wedding decoration ideas that you can consider.

Cowboy Decoration Ideas:

Here are 3 easy and simple to arrange cowboy wedding decoration ideas.

  1. Centrepieces on Tables:

    Well, the cowboys are famous for not being fancy. So, your work is all the more easy, just stick to being simple. On the tables, you can place tiny lil cowboy hats as centerpieces. You could also place not-so-fancy flowers like daisies, sunflowers or any other wild flowers a the middle of the table. Mason jars can always be used to get that cowboy look.

  2. Lamps -For the Ethnic Cowboy Look:

    Oil lamps and lanterns are perfectly ideal for a cowboy wedding. By giving a romantic feel, these lamps can totally complete your picture perfect cowboy theme. But, if you are considering the probability of possible fire accidents, then why not use a battery operated lantern and lamps? This will avoid the possibility of danger and things will move just the way you have planned for.

  3. Les Murs – The Walls:

    How can we forget “wanted” Posters? This can be a hilariously fun way to make your guests feel wanted! Select a few nice random posters and place them all over the walls or around the venue. You can also create a special “Wall-of-the-wanted” and then you can get the instant pics of the guests and stick them on the wall. The guests are simply gonna love it. And, don’t forget to put up the bride’s and the groom’s wanted pics on top. After all they are the most wanted at that particular moment.

Apart from these, if you are willing let the decoration get a little wild, how about completing your cowboy theme by adding a horse? The kids will love a horse-back ride. Give a touch of dry grass or hay and voilà! Your cowboy wedding decoration is complete.

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