Bridal Shower Games for Getting to know the Bride

Well, it’s definitely not an easy task to come with with some nice, fun and unique bridal shower games. Although there are a lot of ice-breaking games that involve each and every guest. It’s quite tricky to find a game that involves everything to do with the bride, and make her feel precious. Here are a couple of games that you can organise to make that pretty bride feel super special.

The Bride special Games:

Here are a few games that will definitely keep the bride in the spotlight.

  1. It’s BINGO time:

    This is one BINGO with a twist, unlike the conventional one, this bingo doesn’t deal with numbers at all. All you need to do is make Bingo Cards with 25 empty spaces ( 5 across, 5 down), get each guest to fill each empty space with a gift that they thing the bride-to-be might receive. As and when the bride keeps opening, instruct the guest to strike off presents written down. The moment someone’s card has been stricken off, ask then to shout BINGO! And the winner gets a prize.

  2. The great American ‘know-the-bride-and-groom’ contest:

    This could be a super fun way to get to know the couple-to-be’s interesting story. All you need to do is prepare a couple of interesting questions like where did they meet? How did he propose? Where did they go on their first date? And so on. Give each guest a sheet of paper and ask them to fill out the answers to the questions, even if they don’t know they can fill it in with funny stories. Once all the questions are done the bride can tell her story. The person who gets maximum number of correct answers gets the prize.

  3. Guess the Age:

    This is a very cute game. The person who is organising the shower can select few pics of the bride, right from childhood till present. The pics can include the year of birth, first kiss, graduation, prom, first date, first proposal just everything and anything under the sun. Keep all the pics in a an order depending on the year that it has taken place. Make a dateline and ask the guests to fill it in. It can be quite surprising. In the end the year can be revealed and the bride can probably get to keep them with her as keepsakes.

  4. Bridal shower is a very special way to show that the bride that her friends and family love and care about her super duper much. The fact that you can organise these shows how much you care.

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