Mother of the Bride- Top 5 Duties

At almost every wedding, it’s quite often to notice that mothers would just love to be there for their daughters. Well, the duties of a mother are huge, especially at her precious daughters wedding. The mother of the bride has a large role to play at every step of the wedding and the planning process. The super most important duty of a mother is to be nearby the bride. But, the best gift of being the mother of the bride is that it gives certain special duties along with a huge tinge of memorable an cherished memories.

Top 5 Duties:

Being the mother of the bride comes with certain traditional duties. But for most mothers these won’t even seem like duties.

  1. Hunting for a Location:

    Well, the most tedious task of every wedding is finding a suitable place for the wedding and reception. And mommy dearest is super good at helping out her daughter, the bride, to find that ultimate and dream location for wedding as well as the reception. The mother of the bride can help or assist the couple-to-be in researching to find a decent location.

  2. Coordinating with the Coordinator:

    The mother of the bride has to work closely with the wedding planner or the coordinator to keep things well organized. She has to keep a tab about every thing and anything to do with wedding. Be it gathering information for flowers, food or even music, she has to do it all and make sure to let the bride and the coordinator know so that the final decision is made. While each thing is being finalised, the mother has to keep a record of the receipts and keep them organized.

  3. Shopping for the Wedding dress:

    The most cherished tradition is the mother of the bride going for wedding dress shopping along with her daughter. The mother assists for picking up a dress, ensures that the fitting is proper and also gives her wise opinion with regards to coordinating the jewellery. At times, if needed the mother might help out the bride in choosing a nice bridesmaid’s dress.

  4. Checking the Guest List:

    It is generally the bride’s mother who checks the guest list and keeps a follow up on it. She makes a note of the guests who have replied RSVP’s. With the help of this information, it’s the mothers duty to make the final guest list.

  5. Organising Rehearsal:

    If the bride’s side is organising the rehearsal dinner or a wedding rehearsal, then it’s the mother of the bride’s responsibility to find a nice place, arrange for food and organise other details.

The role of mother of the bride doesn’t stop with just being a mom, she has to play the role of a comforter, friend and a helper. It’s not only time consuming but also very stressful. But the beauty of every mother is that she would do it for her darling with patience, care and diligence.

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