Father of the Bride – Duties

Well, the most poignant symbol of every wedding is when the father walks his no loneger-lil precious daughter down the aisle and handing down the lovely responsibility of his child to the groom. Escorting the daughter is the most important duty that every father of the bride has to do. But, his duties don’t just end with that. There are a few duties that every father is expected to do before the wedding and definitely on the wedding day.

Father of the Bride – Duties:

The father of the bride’s duty just doesn’t deal with walking his precious daughter down the aisle and to make it happen write out endless number of cheques. Although, depending upon from wedding to wedding the duties of the father might vary, but traditionally there are few duties that the father has to do.

  • It’s advisable that when it comes to finances, it’s better to keep things transparent as to who will be responsible for paying for certain things. In these days, although there are a lot of couples who fund for their wedding, but it is always a pleasure if they could get some help from the father. This would just ensure that they would kick-start their lives with a firm footing, well hopefully.
  • The father of the bride is expected to travel with her to the wedding ceremony. Actually this might not even seem like a task.
  • Like said before, the most important thing, walking the bride down the aisle.
  • And, while you are busy with your daughter, it’s also necessary to give your attention to your lovely wife too. So if possible tag along with your wife from the wedding ceremony to the reception venue.
  • It’s essential that you stand in the receiving line right next to your daughter, that is the bride.
  • At the reception, it’s a tradition that the father of the bride has to make the first speech. The speech can include about inviting the groom with open arms into the family, or you can talk about you darling lil sweetheart childhood memories. Be it emotional, or funny, just stay relaxed and be natural.
  • When you are invited on to the floor, as part of the first dance you will have to dance with the bride’s mother.
  • If you are going to have a sweet father-daughter dance, then help out in choosing a lovely song.

Getting your daughter married might involve a lot of hard work and can definitely work out to be expensive. But it is totally worth it to add this day to your treasured memories revolving around your daughter. Be it her uttering ‘daddy’ for the first time, or singing a song for the first time. This beautiful day is just going to be one of the chapters of the “Great Daddy-Daughter diaries”

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