Tips for Best Man Wedding Toast

Being chosen as the best man is quite a great honor. Well yes, we must have all heard that giving a best man speech is a lil like being asked to kiss the Queen Mother. But, it’s not as hard as it may seem. If the speech is kept short and sweet, and of course with a lil dash of humour, your best man toast shall be perfectly smooth. Having to speak in front of audience can get you a lil nervous, but it’s your friends wedding and you will have to give a sweet toast to make them feel special. Nobody can give a flawless toast, but here are a couple tips that you can consider to avoid an awkward moment.

Simple Tips:

Follow these simple tips to have a memorable and legendary best man toast of your life.

  • Just be yourself, Talk about thing that you genuinely feel like sharing. Just because you have been chosen as the best man it doesn’t mean that you have to give a toast in an overly, super duper formal format.
  • The key to avoid awkwardness is to keep your toast short. Short and sweet remember? As a rule of thumb, try sticking to speaking for about 2-4 minutes. Make sure you don’t exceed 5 minutes. Keeping your toast short can be super effective.
  • Always prepare your toast right in advance. It will be helpful if you write down your toast. Writing it down would help you to practice it and get perfect at it.
  • There is a high possibility that most guests may not know how you know the bride and groom, so try to let people know about how you met the couple-to-be.
  • Well, it’s a tradition to thank the parents and guests for attending, and not just that it’s always nice to be subtle and thank the people who have payed for the wedding.
  • You can make it interesting by telling a nice heartwarming story or you can also share a funny incident that involves the couple or just the groom.
  • Make sure that the story is quite appropriate for all age groups, we don’t want censored words in front of the kids, do we?
  • Make your friend feel special, talk about him and his virtues. Talk about the good times you shared, Boost up his confidence by saying how great husband he will be, and how lucky the bride can be.
  • Last but not the least, don’t forget to do the most important thing, the best man’s toast. But how you end it can be totally up to you. End it with a quote or just raise your glass and offer a toast to the soon to be wedded happy couple.

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