Wedding Coordinator – Duties

Wedding is a very important and special day for the couple who are getting married as well as their family and friends, and planning a wedding is definitely not a child’s play! If you are not able to take complete responsibility of coordinating every minutest detail of your wedding, then a wedding coordinator can be your good samartain. A wedding coordinator takes up the full responsibility of planning the wedding and the best part is they would make sure that the wedding goes the exact same way like the couple-to-be wanted it. If you want to hire a wedding coordinator, here are a few duties that every coordinator has to do religiously, so while hiring make sure your coordinators performs these duties.

The Duties of the Good Samartain – Wedding Coordinator:

Every wedding has three stages, the pre-wedding, During the wedding and post-wedding. For each and every stage the wedding coordinator has a major role to play.

Pre- Wedding Duties :

This stage is the foundation stage and is definitely the most important stage of any wedding. The duties of a wedding coordinator at this stage are

  • The basic step that every coordinator does is meet the couple who are getting married and discuss about what kind of wedding the couple would like to have, their wedding traditions, customs and etiquette.
  • The wedding coordinator has to accompany the bride and groom in hunting down for locations, and finding that perfect magical wedding and reception venue.
  • Having found the location, the wedding coordinator has to find out with the bride and groom about the wedding theme, so that they can start planning for it.
  • The wedding coordinator has to come up with wedding decorations, color scheme, seating, wedding flowers, centerpieces, wedding menu and other stuff. These have to presented to the client and check if they come up to the clients expectations.
  • The other duty of the wedding coordinator is to maintain the guest list, sending the invitations and keeping a tab on RSVP’s.
  • Arranging for the bride’s, grooms and of course the bridesmaid and grooms men dresses.
  • Scheduling the rehearsals and supervising them.
  • Apart from arranging for the wedding photographers and music, the wedding coordinator has to make arrangements for the commute of the bride, groom and their families to and from the wedding venue.

During the Wedding Duties :

Planning the wedding the is one thing, but making sure that every thing goes smoothly on the day of wedding is an other thing. Here are a few duties that a wedding coordinator does on the day of wedding.

  • The wedding coordinator has the hideous task of keeping an eye on each and every arrangement of the wedding. The wedding coordinator has to supervise everything with hawk eyes!
  • Well, it’s natural that things will not be as smooth as butter, and to handel the awkward moments we have the coordinators.
  • They have to handle emergency situations like light problems, parking, caterers it could be anything under the sun, and they should be able to fix it efficiently and quickly.
  • They have to make sure that wedding decorators, caterers, singers, musicians, photographers or any other hired services are doing their work properly.
  • Last but not the least, they have to ensure that the couple-to-be are super happy about the way things are materialising and of course not to forget the guests, they will need special attention.

Post-Wedding Duties:

The duties of a wedding coordinator don’t just stop with the wedding, even after the wedding the wedding coordinator has to perform couple of duties.

  • The wedding coordinator has to ensure that all the guests got the wedding favors..
  • The wedding coordinator has to make sure that the wedding venue is vacated in time.
  • They have to clear all the bills including for the hired services.

If you don’t have enough time to plan your wedding, all you need a wedding coordinator because right from scratch they would ensure that thing will be done just the way you wanted them to be. But hiring a wedding coordinator may not be that reasonable, but in the end the precious moments acquired would mean more than anything else, right?

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