Home Made Wedding Gift Ideas

Home made wedding gift is a very sweet way of letting the couple-to-be know how much they mean to you. A very special homemade gift is always cherished. All it takes a lil bit of time and effort. They make a unique gift. It’s wonderful that you have decided to take up this sweet project, but it’s important that you plan and start much ahead of time, so that you could complete it on time.

The Magic of Hands – Gifts:

If you haven’t yet decided upon your gift, you could totally consider the following interesting gifting ideas.

  • Designer candles:

    Candles are very easy to make. The beauty of them is that they could be moulded just the way you want them to be. Personalize it with pearl strings, ribbons, colourful beads or you could also use dried leaves and flowers. Add sweet scent to it. Be it the usual candles or gel candles, make a pretty bunch and give.

  • The Arty-Crafty Stuff:

    If you are more into the arts, then why not try your hand at a nice oil painting or a lovely centerpiece. Just let your creativity come out and go wild with your ideas. Be it sand painting, pottery or glass painting just let your imagination go wild. The entire process of making the gift can be super fun.

  • The Magic Basket:

    You know, we often like it when we get a lot of stuff. So, why not put few interesting and fun things in a basket and gift? You could probably make a nice cute basket consisting handmade candles, soaps, chocolates, tickets to a nice play, or even a small bottle of champagne. Anything that you like, or you know that the couple might like, just put them together and gift it. It shall make them very happy.

  • Framed Wedding announcement:

    This gift can be very adorable, especially in the long run. A very simple way of making a pleasant frame is by using pressed dried leaves. Arrange them all under a glass and frame it with the wedding announcement. Trust us, even after 40 years, it shall remain very dear to the couple.

Home made wedding gifts are very memorable and would be cherished all their lives. It’s a sweet gesture and will be well appreciated. Who would not like this kind of warmth?

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