Top 5 Wedding Party Favours For Men

When it comes to giving wedding party favours, it can be quite easy to select gifts for women. But, when it comes to giving them to men, it may not be that easy. The choices of wedding party favours for men can vary from one man to the other. If you are confused about what to gift, then here is a list of gifts, that could totally make it a lil easy to decide.


op 5 Gifts :

Here are few nice and memorable gifts that make a great wedding party favour.

  1. Cufflinks:

    Every man likes to suit it up especially with a classy accessory. What better gift than a charming pair of cufflinks? Be it gold-plated or metal, depending on your budget you can opt for this perfect well cherished gift. You could also get it engraved it with the persons initials.

  2. Watch:

    Watches make a very safe wedding party favour. This is one gift that you could never go wrong with. If your budget permits, why not designer watches? The wedding men would love it.

  3. Cigar Cutter:

    An amazing wedding favour could be a cigar cutter. It gets even better if a nice box of stogies is coupled with it. Every cigar smoker is bound to enjoy a nice cigar cutter.

  4. Bring it on – Alcohol:

    Men will love it! The best wedding favour ever can be a stack of miniature whisky bottles. If you wanna go over that, you can always combine it with a set of beer mugs. It’s gonna be double treat.

  5. Sports-Themed:

    There is atleast one sport that every man likes. Sports themed wedding favours can be a total hit with the men. Be it giving tickets for their favourite sport, picking up a nice sport themed photo frame or even T-shirts. It’s going to be amazing and much talked about.

Apart from these, you could always consider giving liquor chocolates, multi-purpose knife or even personalized key chain as wedding favour. But all-in-all in the end, all of it depends on your budget.

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