Winter Wedding Flowers – How to choose?

The most common months to have a wedding are spring and summer. But of late, the trend has changed and people are preferring to have a nice, beautiful and charming winter wedding. Winter has many beautiful choices of flowers, and with these decoration winter weddings are truly enchanting. Choosing flowers in the winter can be quite challenging because the few flowers are not that readily available in winter than in spring and summer.


If you are not able to get proper winter wedding flowers, then don’t you worry, here are a few tips on choosing flowers for your winter wedding that would look splendid and incredible.

  • Flowers like orchids, daisies, lilies and roses are available all year round. But although these traditional flowers are easily available, they could be quite pricey. And if you are a bride on a budget this may not be the best choice for you.
  • It’s important that you consider at which part of winter season you are having your wedding. If you are planning on having your wedding around christmas, then you might as well consider flowers that have a christmas theme and totally compliment the christmas season. On the contrary, if your wedding is somewhere closer to valentine’s day why not opt for flowers that go with the holiday?
  • The most important thing is, this is your wedding and personal preferences have to be considered for sure. So don’t constrain yourself to the limited options. You are not bound to only these colours. If you have any particular color in mind like pink, blue or yellow which are usually characteristics of spring, don’t hesitate just go ahead.
  • There are beautiful colors like green, red, white, silver and burgundy which are available in winter. These pretty, beautiful flowers are quite inspiring and are super appealing for a winter wedding.
  • You could also select your flowers basing on symbolism. Many flowers come with symbolism, so it would be nice if you could choose your flowers basing more on the symbolism rather than by the colours.

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