Top 3 Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas

Beach themed weddings are super popular. For a beach wedding, an array of seashell-adorned decorations can be found. But, to give that original look most of the couples are looking out for other decors. Beach weddings are romantic especially when the decoration focus more on natural stuff like shells and wood. Simple decoration can totally complement the theme making it picture perfect.

Decoration Ideas:

If you are having a beach wedding, plan on having the following beach wedding decorations.

  1. The Magic of Hands, Hand – Painted Glasses:

    As table decorations hand-painted wine glasses look very beautiful. A wide array of beach theme decorations like palm trees, sea shells and flip-flops are available. You could use these glasses as a part of the decor or they could be given as wedding favours for guests. But, this could work out a lil expensive. There are other options like buying a lil inexpensive glasses and painting them by yourself. You could turn the painting session into a nice party, call your bridal party over and just go wild. And the beauty of this is, you don’t really have to have an artistic hand.

  2. Amazing Sand-Castle Sculptures :

    If you want to make quite an impression on your guests, why not try sandcastle sculptures? Be it having a nice sand-castle as a centre focal point or smaller sand ccastles on each table, they would make lovely beach wedding decoration. If you are planning on having a wedding along the beach, you can hire a professional to make a spectacular sand sculpture near the place where you are going to get married. Making it elaborate or subtle, it could be up to you.

  3. Glass Glass – Sea Glass:

    Instead of traditional seashells, sea glasses make a very pretty picture. Most of the large craft stores have sea glass or glass made to look like sea glass. They are available in a huge variety of colors. Sea glasses allow your wedding decor to be more colorful, the amazing splashes of color can be very charming. The beauty of sea glass is that, they could be attached to anything and everything. Be it candle holders, napkins, flower baskets or even to fill glass vases, it can be used.

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