Vintage Wedding Decor

If you love the classic era, then planning a vintage wedding decor would be a great idea. There would be many things that would fascinate you from the black and white movies. Be creative by combining and taking ideas from old Hollywood movies and implementing them for your wedding day. Here are a few tips that you can use as a vintage wedding decor.

Vintage Wedding Decor


If you have been a fan of old Hollywood movies from the sixties and seventies, then as a vintage wedding decor you could have old movie pictures that are held up on a wire with some red roses. This could be used as a part of a decoration.
What you could also do is have big posters in black and white of you and your fiancé/fiancée and place them around the room. This would create a vintage look for the wedding. You could also create a classic cameo for your wedding. This can be used on wedding invitations or as a motif on a wedding cake.


There is nothing better than choosing a perfect venue for your wedding. If you decide on a venue then this would make your work a lot easier. A venue can be an open garden or an old restaurant that could be inspired from an old Hollywood movie. You can make it very dramatic and interesting for your guests as well.

Antique Decor-

If you have decided on the type of vintage wedding, then you would want to shop for antiques to decorate the venue. You can find antiques in fairs, antique shops and handicraft exhibitions. Be open to ideas and use your creativity.

Vintage Favors-

There can be so many things that you can give as wedding favors. For example a book of romantic poems gift wrapped with a ribbon or an antique photo frame with a black and white picture of you and your partner. These are a few things that can make your wedding special for you and others as well.

Vintage Photo Album-

You can reserve a space exclusively for a photo shoot. Your photos would include retro photos and black and white photos. You can create a vintage scene with antique chairs, lamps and other such things. These photos would be good enough to include them in your vintage photo album.

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