Cowboy Wedding Favors

Cowboy wedding theme is one of the most popular themes used by most couples. This wedding theme is not only known in Texas but has become very popular all over the world. A cowboy wedding would include cowboy music, cowboy wedding vows, cowboy wedding favors and decorations. So, if you are planning for a cowboy wedding, here are some ideas for cowboy wedding favors that you could use.

Ideas for Cowboy Wedding Favors

Trail Mix Wedding Favor-

A trail mix wedding favor is something that is created for each individual. Each favor would consists of a mixture of berries, nuts and candies that is packed with wrappers and ribbons to make it look attractive. You can either make these yourself or get it made by professionals.

Beef Jerky Wedding Favor-

Another popular cowboy wedding favor is the beef jerky. These can be made at home. Buying these from the market may be a little expensive. There are many recipes that you could try but before finalizing on any one of them, it is better to first try making it yourself. The traditional way of wrapping it is in bandannas or a baggie with a zip and then wrapping it in the bandanna. This would keep the beef jerky fresh.

Cowboy Hat Wedding Favor-

Cowboy hats are available in different colors and styles. What you could do is buy cowboy hats in bulk and place each hat on individual tables. Put a colorful tag with each guest’s name which would mean that they could pick one for themselves. This would certainly add to the celebration and excitement for your guests. You could also place all the hats at the center of the table so that all guests could pick one for themselves before leaving.

A cowboy wedding theme is unique and is worth the hard work. Remember to involve all your guests as your wedding would surely set an example for other people as well.

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