Top 5 Wedding Cake Trends 2010

If you have found the right guy or girl for yourself then why wait. Wedding bells are ringing and its time to prepare for the most stylish wedding. To have a dream wedding is always something that every couple would look forward to. Wedding involves a lot of preparations and arrangements. A perfect wedding includes an amazing wedding dress, wedding favors, wedding bands and an awesome wedding cake.

Wedding cakes have always been a major part of a wedding preparation. It depicts the bride and groom. A couple can choose different flavors, shapes and include other things to make the cake special for the occasion. Here are a few wedding cakes of 2010 that you can choose from.

Towering Cakes for Escalating your Ecstasy

Wedding cakes have earned a distinct place in every wedding. The most common and traditional type of cakes seen in weddings is the three tier cake. But instead of sticking to the traditional style, go for a multiple tiered cake with 5-6 tiers. Towering cakes are the best choice for a wedding cake. So, what you waiting for, place an order for a dream wedding cake.

Pick Up On Fondant or Butter Cream Cake

Fondant has managed to fascinate many couples over a period of time. Butter cream cakes have been very popular because of their amazing taste. Many couples prefer the fondant cakes as the taste stays for a longer time. Inspite of the preference, butter cakes are the in-thing in 2010 for weddings and they are very reasonable. If you want to create something new then you can go for a butter cream coated with fondant. This include the best of both flavors.

Electrifying Coloration for Colorful Wedding Cakes

It has always been a tradition of every wedding to have a white cake. Though many couples follow this tradition, they still try something new like a chocolate cake with a white icing over it. Cakes of 2010 are very different. A lot of colors and styles are being included in cakes now. You can look forward to cakes with different hues like orange, blue and green. These colors can match your wedding theme like green can match your green wedding and orange for a beach wedding.
Wedding cake colors that are chosen don’t necessarily have to match the bridesmaid’s dress.

Monograms for Personalization

Monogram cakes are the in-thing for 2010 weddings. Couples can personalize wedding cakes with their own style, add toppers with initials to make it look special. These cakes can also have a couples name engraved in an artistic way.

Printed Cakes

Printed cakes can be one of the best choice for the bride and groom. These cakes are not only appealing to the eyes but also to the taste buds. There are artists who can imitate designs and prints which makes the cake as special as the occasion.

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